It's not just racing, IT'S GRAVITY RACING!

Flint Soap Box Derby

It’s not just racing, it’s GRAVITY RACING!


congratulations to 2019 flint soap box derby champion Chase McCallum!

The City of Flint is home to another soap box derby champion, and congratulations to all 2019 Flint Soap Box Derby participants!

Watch here as history was made on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 as the Greater Flint Community ushered in a new GRAVITY RACING TRADITION.

We’re grateful for the dedicated efforts and support of the City of Flint, our participants, volunteers, sponsors and supporting partners that made the 2019 Flint Soap Box Derby a remarkable community event!

an exciting new tradition of GRAVITY RACING has started in the Greater flint area!

The City of Flint’s historical automotive legacy is a tremendous backdrop while racing at Chevy Commons, and the first race served as an exciting celebration for the entire community!

Please see the official program below for a complete recap of the first race. You can also follow along here, here, and here.


Our Race

The Flint Soap Box Derby is more than just a race - it’s a dynamic learning opportunity, an athletic pursuit, and an exciting community event all in one!

Our race provides participating youth the chance to learn by doing, to build enduring friendships, and to cultivate a passion for STEM/STEAM career paths.

Today, the costs to participate in organized competitive events are increasing, and for many, are unaffordable. We believe in the power of community, and recognize the importance of hands-on learning for today’s youth.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, the Flint Soap Box Derby is available for any youth wishing to participate.

After all, its not just racing - it’s GRAVITY RACING!


Our Mission

  • Reintroduce Soap Box Derby racing to the Great Flint Community for hands-on STEM/STEAM education and community partnership.

  • Create a community-wide event for local enjoyment that further generates statewide, regional, and national interest.

  • Partner interested racers with community groups, other community participants, and other local universities, to design, build, and race soap box cars.

  • Implement year-round Soap Box Derby-related educational programs and workshops for team participation.

  • Organize cleanup, restoration, and beautification efforts at Cronin Derby Downs for partnered teams.



Hands-on STEM/STEAM education

Given the relatively short car assembly times and hands-on engagement, this race can serve as a simple platform for development. STEM/STEAM careers are growing in demand, and the Soap Box Derby is one way to introduce technical concepts required in critical fields such as advanced and autonomous technologies.


Have Fun

friendships built to last

The Flint Soap Box Derby is an event for the entire community, and more than just cars are built in this race. The friendships established and memories made are enduring, and the Soap Box Derby allows all participants - racers, volunteers, and spectators alike - to experience a vibrant community event.



compete, or not

Anyone interested in racing is welcomed and encouraged - regardless of experience level. The Flint Soap Box Derby is YOUR race, and we strive to make it a meaningful experience for YOU! Come join us and experience the thrill of GRAVITY RACING!


it’s all downhill from here!


Flint’s Home for Gravity Racing


Cronin Derby Downs

Flint, Michigan put the world on wheels, so it is no surprise that the Soap Box Derby has a cherished legacy in the area. Beginning in 1938, one of the early years of the race, the Soap Box Derby has been a celebrated community event across the City of Flint.

Initially held on Cadillac Street, Mayor Donald R. Cronin oversaw the establishment of a permanent location for local youth to learn about, assemble, and race Soap Box Cars. Cronin Derby Downs opened in 1969, and remains one of the only permanent Soap Box Derby tracks in Michigan.

Over the years, Cronin Derby Downs has played host to many competitive and educational racing pursuits and produced three Soap Box Derby World Champions.

Beginning in June 2019, Cronin Derby Downs will once again host Soap Box racing will be the first race in the Greater Flint area in more than a generation.


Get Involved

The Soap Box Derby offers something for everyone - racers, spectators, and community participants alike. This race has a wonderful legacy across the community, and with your help, can become an enduring community event once again.


Sign Up to Race

Registration for the 2020 Flint Soap Box Derby! Please sign up to received the latest information on future races, beginning in August 2019!


The Soap Box Derby is a community event, and volunteers are needed in order to make this a fun-filled, exciting, event for racers and spectators.

Make a Donation

The Soap Box Derby is available to everyone, thanks to your generous support. If you’d like to make a contribution or learn about sponsorship opportunities, please inquire below.


Race Registration

Registration for the June 2019 Flint Soap Box Derby has closed.

Please sign up to receive information on upcoming races and events beginning in August 2019.

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The Flint Soap Box Derby is an exciting event for the entire community - and it takes a community to make it a truly great experience!

Volunteers are needed for every race component from vehicle assembly, track maintenance and repair, start line officials, event planning, concessions, etc.

Whatever the capacity in which you are able to contribute, your dedication, talent and expertise will make the Flint Soap Box Derby a one-of-a-kind event that showcases the spirit of the Greater Flint Community.

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