Flint’s Home for Gravity Racing


Cronin Derby Downs

Flint, Michigan put the world on wheels, so it is no surprise that the Soap Box Derby has a cherished legacy in the area. Beginning in 1938, one of the early years of the race, the Soap Box Derby has been a celebrated community event across the City of Flint.

Initially held on Cadillac Street, Mayor Donald R. Cronin oversaw the establishment of a permanent location for local youth to learn about, assemble, and race Soap Box Cars. Cronin Derby Downs opened in 1969, and remains one of the only permanent Soap Box Derby tracks in Michigan.

Over the years, Cronin Derby Downs has played host to many competitive and educational racing pursuits and produced three Soap Box Derby World Champions.

Beginning in June 2019, Cronin Derby Downs will once again host Soap Box racing will be the first race in the Greater Flint area in more than a generation.